The animated movie of “The Last Fiction” is an open interpretation of the story of “Zahhak”, a page from the historical identity of Iranians and one of the central tales of the “Book of Kings“: the masterpiece of the great “Abolqasem Ferdowsi“.

The main idea of the recounting of this tale lends a different perspective to the legends and heroes of ancient Iranians who in fact have a universal identity. In 2010, this work was started to produce in a motion picture through the travails of hundreds of artists.

The animated movie of “The Last Fiction” deals in 120 minutes with the narrative of Zahhak (as interpreted by the creators of this work) and covers the events from the end of Jamshid’s reign up to the beginning of Afaridoun’s reign: two influential rulers in the Book of Kings.

In the course of making of the movie, in 2013, the work was able to win recognition and be presented as one of the six best ongoing projects at the “Annecy Festival” in France (the most important annual event in the world of animation). Also, in 2016, this movie was acclaimed as one of the four best animated movies undergoing construction in the world that was invited by Annecy and Cannes to the event of “Marché du film” (Annecy goes to Cannes) to be presented as well.

As for the production of this work, various pages of this narrative will be presented as graphic novels. Further information may be found in related pages.