Afaridoun… is my name

A name that became renowned in every street corner in the realm of Jamshid, a name that my mother chose me but that Kaveh called out to; so that it might become a balm for the wounds of oppressed people. But to what avail? It is a balm that is in itself a wound… I was born wounded. My wound is the mark of a father whom I never had to support me and a mother whose kindness I never knew.
And yet each wound has its own panacea: mine was holding the “Gavsar Mace”, turning to the heavens and freeing the world of the evil of Ahriman. Now that I am here I am ready as I never was before. I am young, sturdy and well-trained in the arts of war, knowledge, and everything else. I am ready now like never before to take the reins of Kaveh’s army and to defeat Zahhak. Oh blood thirsty fiend, be prepared for the moment when the power of my shadow will fall over your devilry! The time will come when you will call out my name not in justice but in need; then will you beg for your life in front of your trained beasts. Then will I conquer you as did Tahmoures, the monster capturer who freed the world of monsters and evil, as did Jamshid who freed Jamkard of cold and darkness. I will become Jamshid himself. Oh Zahhak… Zahhak, even waiting for the final battle with you is fatiguing.