Without you King Jam, Jamshid, Bearer of Divine Virtue, Father– this palace and all its glory are but a dark, empty prison.

Know that I stand strong as the pillars of this palace. I will continue to stand as you once did for your people, for your city, for Jamkard, for life… Although the cold of Ahriman’s breath has taken hold of every cell of my body I swear to stand till eternity, till my old age, till the end of my life.
I wonder what good is this youth and this glory! What good is it when I am but a slave in the clothes of a princess? What good is it when the men of your city are being slaughtered at the hands of the Ahriman forces in the heart of Jamkard? The walls you once built to protect your people are now prisons for these unfortunates.
Yet will I stand that I might recount your story; that I might recount that my father was Jamshid, the one who allowed that which is good and bad to flow in this land. Through human blunder, today his only child, his daughter, passes the night in the arms of terror and darkness.
Today it is but the melody of my instrument that calms me. It is this sound that allows blood to flow in my fingers that it might act as a flicker of hope for the continuation of life. Oh Father… my very being longs for you; for without you I am but a stranger in my own home today.