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The Last Fiction , Jamshid

Beginning with two double volume series Jamshid: Dawn and Jamshid: Fall, the tale and mythos of The Book of Kings is told through the story of the greatest kings of Persia and serves as the prologue and introduction into the ancient world of Iran and Ferdowsi’s epic masterpiece Shahnameh.

Many of the tales in The Book of Kings are epic morality tales of Gods and Heroes not unlike classic Greek mythology, Norse Mythology, Shinto, Celtic mythology, and even The Bible and, serves as the basis of cultural identity and a showcase for the historical literature of ancient Iran.

The epic masterpiece itself is a treasure trove of drama and conflict consisting of sixty thousand verses, and paints an exquisitely rich tapestry of Gods and Heroes and Villains and Devils that, ultimately are deeply universal stories which continue to resonate even today, a thousand years later. These tales and characters can be compared to characters and stories in modern entertainment such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and even Star Wars.

Jamshid’s journey as king was filled with victory, sacrifice, avarice, vainglory, and selfishness which was ultimately his downfall and was killed by the upstart, insidious Zahak. The graphic novels begin with Jamshid’s tale and the feature animated film The Last Fiction begins as Zahak is replacing him on the throne and taking over the kingdom of Jamkard.

Hoorakhsh Studios chose Jamshid’s tale to depict in graphic novel form as it is rich in story and serves as the foundation and origin story for the film The Last Fiction and for the entire Shahnameh itself. The first edition Jamshid: Dawn was published in 2016 and is a free interpretation of his origin story in The Book of Kings, and the second volume Jamshid: Fall, depicts the time of his decadence and down fall which will be published in 2017, just ahead of the release of the film.

Fourteen volumes depicting the epic battles, kingdoms won and lost, loves & alliances, and good versus evil that is all incorporated in The Book of Kings is planned by Hoorakhsh Studios. The studio plan to create a franchise around the stories and characters from The Book of Kings to share with the world.

The graphic novels will be translated into English and French from Persian.

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